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Learning Mindset and Resilience. The perfect recipe for Starting from Scratch with Lisa Mayer

Lisa Mayer is the Co-founder of Boss Beauties, a women-led global initiative that creates opportunities for girls and women through cutting-edge collaborations including web3, NFT, and more. Lisa is also the Founder of My Social Canvas, which provides mentorship and scholarships to the next generation of women and girls.

Lisa and her husband Anthony founded Boss Beauties in the midst of the pandemic. During a time when no one was meeting face-to-face, Lisa and her company, My Social Canvas, weren’t able to have the same impact as before as running mentorship events at the previous scale was no longer possible.

What was the sign you needed a change?

"As an entrepreneur, change is constant and the challenges never stop. This has led me to pivot often and learn to be extremely resilient. Anthony, my brilliant husband, came up with the NFT idea behind Boss Beauties. BAYC was already taking off and he came up with the “Boss Beauty,” which represents a woman who can be whatever she wants. This is the idea that Boss Beauties is rooted in. It’s our mission to educate and empower the next generation of women and girls through strategic collaborations that help them achieve their dreams.

Lisa eventually turned My Social Canvas into a non-profit and the work on Boss Beauties now means she can fund the work she's been so passionate about for so many years.

"Boss Beauties has opened up the door to impact, educate, and create more opportunities for women and girls, which has always been my core mission. We can now do more global virtual events and create an expansion that reaches more people – resulting in better programs, collaborations, etc.”

Describe the time just before Boss Beauties was launched

"For 8 weeks, we barely slept! We worked incredibly hard on building the community first and foremost, as well as our following – the Discord community. We immersed ourselves entirely in Boss Beauties. We had to learn and research a lot, work long hours, and we did all this while having a newborn."

How do you look at change?

"This is woven in my entrepreneur DNA. As entrepreneurs, we are not afraid of change, taking risks, and learning new things. In fact, we thrive on it. With Boss Beauties, the worst that could have happened was to lose eight weeks of hard work. But even that had a silver lining as I would still learn something new and act on my challenges. There is no chance that you lose if you let yourself learn and try."

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