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Get Someone to Believe in You When Starting from Scratch with Hilla Bakshi

What if someone believes in you more than you believe in yourself? What if that someone sees something that you can't even fathom you can do?What if they come and tell you that?

Hilla recalls losing herself in 2016. She had just returned from a relocation job in San Francisco and couldn't decide what she wanted to do or be. She joined several Facebook groups for women and started attending meetups. "I remember going to these events and seeing people that became my role models."

One day her manager told her she must start doing something with all the information she gathered at those meetups. She became this "woman that goes to meetups." That go-to person that when you are looking for a good meetup for x, she's the one to ask, so much that she had a note on her iPhone that had emails addresses of people she should contact when going to specific events.

After some needs analysis, she started her own Facebook group and named it Hameetapistiyot (Women who go to meetups in Hebrew). The need was so there that she had 500 women registered in two weeks. Her agenda was clear. She wanted to build a community for women, which elevated women and brought them to meetups not just as attendees but as speakers, panelists, and representatives. She wanted to build a safe space where women could write, consult and ask questions freely. She made each attendee a brand on their own and created "the spotlight," where she featured someone from the community and told their story. Other attendees started summarizing meetup takeaways, and slowly but surely, the community was large and robust.

Learning Mindset

Hilla rearranges her LinkedIn and Facebook pages to serve her learning mode. She follows certain pages and people and engages in posts that help her learn and grow in her areas of interest.

Personal Board of Directors

Hilla has an exciting collection of women as her personal board of directors as all of them are also her role models, women she calls "when I'll grow up, I want to be like them." She has a colleague that is her north star. She admires her but also supports her. Another woman she admires and serves as her coach, but she supports by building her brand.

Building Resilience

During her change process, she makes sure to stay connected to herself. She likes walking on the beach, and you'll find her there every day at 6:30 AM. She takes that walking time to think, set her intentions, and keep her mental health.


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