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Using Your Birthday as an Opportunity to Start from Scratch with Ashwini Panse

Ashwini and I connected immediately. Apparently, we were born 2 days apart. We have kids the same age and we got married just a year apart (and we found this out while laughing so hard!). But Ashwini, being the amazing ball of fire that she is, has done something we all just dream of.

"I used age of 40 to restart myself from scratch. I thought that age of 40 needed to be the year that I did 40 things I had never done before. I recommend this to anyone, really. I learned so much about myself, my family, what makes me happy and what I'll do when I grow up. I'll never do some things again, but experiencing them was important to me. Other experiences I can't wait to do again or even do regularly.

The year I turned 40 for me was when I also completely reassessed my life. I think many women do. I got more comfortable in my skin; I am very confident in my skills and clear of my accomplishments and I want to plan my life for when my kids are all grown up. It's a fantastic age!"

Curious about Ashwini's list? See her top 10 below!

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